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Capabilities Licenses and Certifications


Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC is proud of our accomplishments and have worked hard to be given the following NAICS Codes:

  • 811310 – Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance
  • 562998 – Misc. Waste Management Services (Commercial/Industrial)
  • 562910 – Remediation Services, Fuel Remediation (Polishing), Environment Clean-up, Waste Water
  • 562219 – Nonhazardous Waste Treatment, Disposal of Bad Fuel, Used Oil, Petroleum Contaminated Water
  • 541620 – Environmental Consulting Services
  • 541380 – Fuel Testing
  • 424710 – Petroleum Bulk Station & Terminals
  • 213112 – Support Activities for Oil & Gas Operations

In addition, we’ve worked hard to obtain the necessary licenses and certifications that allow us to provide high-quality and reliable services to customers across a wide range of industries. We’re licensed by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to consult on, install, remove, repair, and maintain aboveground storage tanks within the state of Oklahoma, and we also have the following certifications and licenses:

  • Hasstech ACURITE Pipeline Tester – Line Testing Methods, 3421.LTN
    This certifies that Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC completed a course in fundamentals of line testing methods incorporating the use of the Hasstech ACURITE Pipeline Tester, according to NFPA 329-87.
  • TERO Certified
    This certifies that Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC is a sanctioned TERO-qualified Indian contractor and therefore is eligible to receive Indian preference on proposed projects by the Cherokee Nation and its entities.
  • AGC OSHA Safety Training
    This certifies that Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC completed 30 hours of safety training.
  • PETCON – How to Comply with Oklahoma Aboveground Storage Tank Regulations


Complete Fuel Restoration & Tank Cleaning Services

At Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC, we offer a variety of fuel restoration and tank cleaning services to meet our customers’ needs. These services include reconditioning, decontaminating, and stabilizing diesel, biofuels, hydraulic fluids, and light oils. We also remove water, sediment, and sludge that naturally build up in tanks. We also clean tanks and restore fuel to its preferred “clear and bright” condition without entering the tank. Other services include gasoline fuel cleaning, filtering, water removal, and preventing and controlling phase separation in ethanol fuels.

Because we aim to please, Tank & Fuel Solutions, LLC is able to provide services beyond those listed above. Email us today or request a quote.